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Ronald Dana-Skye Nicholson

My base location for both a personal and professional life for 37 years is New York City whose vibrancy has been a constant creative stimulant. I am a native of Prince Edward Island and as an adult discovered the invaluable properties and charm of remoteness and isolated tranquility unsustainable in cities.

Furniture design remains a calling and after successfully mastering the art of fine furniture building under Jeff Behnke of Altura Studios I expanded my knowledge of interior design and architecture. Before opening Nicholson studio in 1991, I worked for some of New York’s Top interior design talents: Peter Marino, Vincent Wolf and Melvin Dwork.

Nicholson Studio has completed projects for Mrs. Gardiner Cowles, Canadian art aficionado Donald Ellis, and “King World” businesswoman, Diana King. Besides private dwellings we have designed and delivered commercial builds such as the fashion Boutique, “Yati”, the advertising offices of Grey Entertainment, three restaurants, a destination laundromat, and a Brooklyn sports bar. Variety is crucial to keeping an open and exercised mind.

I am grateful our work has been documented with praise in the following publications: The World of Interiors, Elle Décor, Interior Design, Architectural Digest, Miami Living, Florida design, Travel and Leisure, New York Magazine, Interiors, House Beautiful, The New York Times, New York Observer, German Vogue, American Vogue, Architecture in Wohnen, Casas & Gente and Japanese Figuroa, and four art books.

I have proudly contributed to art books and assembled my own designs in a limited-edition book at New York’s Center for Book Arts. My photography has been exhibited, and I remain fondly active in designing furniture, light fixtures, carpets, and hardware. Model making, painting, sculpting, needlepointing and gardening, are favorite pastimes.

Though not licensed Architects, Nicholson Studio has designed and overseen the construction of detailed and complex architectural projects. Innately, I am both a classicist and modernist and invite work in all genres. Our goal is to deliver fresh and relevant surroundings for the inhabitant, that truly represents their lifestyle and offers them a sense of wellbeing.

Fine design is a luxury and should inspire, delight and challenge designers as well as clients. Certainly, I have my preferences, but eagerly observe and recognize the work of all noteworthy designers in varying mediums. Success for clients and our firm occurs when visions are stimulated by the wonderful, and even idiosyncratic desires of clients who are able to relax and let us assist them in creating their ideal surrounding. www.kingcloche.com