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Ronald Dana-Skye Nicholson

I am a native of Prince Edward Island. My adolescent learning and experiences took place in Germany. I attended high school in the peaceful ruralism of Maine. Attending university in Boston introduced me to the allure of an urban world and I have, since 1984, passionately made New York City my home.

Furniture design remains a calling and after successfully mastering the art of hand crafted furniture I expanded my knowledge of design and the delivery of interior design and architecture at some of New York's most competent offices.

In 1992 I opened Nicholson Studio Inc. and have completed projects for Mrs. Gardiner Cowles, Dr. David Brown, and Yati Zanudin as well as the clothing stores of Sean and the advertising offices of Grey Entertainment. I have been graciously documented in the following magazines: The World of Interiors, Elle D├ęcor, Interior Design, Architectural Digest, Travel and Leisure, New York Magazine, The New York Times, New York Observer, German Vogue, American Vogue, Architecture in Wohnen, Casas & Gente and Japanese Figuroa.

I have proudly contributed to several art books and assembled my own designs in a limited edition book at New York's Center for Book Arts. My photography has been on exhibition, and I have also designed clothing and jewelry. I am devoted to lighting design and specialize in the fixtures which house it. In addition I have created numerous custom carpets.

I am not a licensed Architect but by the means possible, I have designed and overseen the construction of detailed and complex architectural projects. I am both a classicist and modernist by nature, but accept any genre to work by and deliver it fresh and relevant to the lives of the occupant; from the daunting structure down to the cutlery and any aspect of a residence or business in between the two.

I creatively envision and strive to deliver spaces that are methodically classic in proportion, bold with contrast through color or shape, and delicately balanced by the careful use of original and unusual embellishment. Hardware and other intricacies should delight, surprise and require thoughtful physical manipulation. Furnishings, whether old or new, bought or conceived, must be very special or completely utilitarian and selected to either contrast with the architecture, or to blend as an extension of it.

Fine design is a luxury and should inspire, delight and challenge me as well as the client. I have a vision but observe and recognize the work of all great designers. The magic occurs when my thoughts and visions are stimulated by the wonderful, even idiosyncratic desires of a client who is able to relax inhibitions, and dream.